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Spanish Dale

Spanish Dale! Spanish School. High-Quality Teaching and Low Prices!

Founded in 2006, Spanish Dale! (formerly named APC Spanish School) is a Spanish Language School located in the heart of Granada, Nicaragua, Central America.

“I like being taught in Spanish, with no English. Claire, England.”Spanish Dale! boasts a team of native teachers educated and trained in all facets of Spanish grammar, direct and dynamic teaching methods and in effective student/teacher interactions. All of our teachers are hand-picked in terms of enthusiasm, commitment, experience and knowledge so you as a student will receive a maximum learning experience and value for your time.

“Good content, structured to my needs. Very good teachers. Steve, USA.”We offer to students from all over the world top-rated one-on-one immersion Spanish language classes and homestay living with local host families. Our flexible courses are customized to fit your needs and completely personalized to your level, skills and available time.

We introduce students to a unique language learning experience by combining Spanish courses and authentic cultural experiences, enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the culture of Nicaragua. An outstanding program of activities take also our students further afield. We organize a full week (including week-ends) of activities varying from excursions to dancing and cooking.

Our privileged location in Granada, not only allows us to create a relaxed environment to study, but also makes it easy for our students to go for a drink or a coffee after class on one of the beautiful cafes nearby.

Learn Spanish with one-to-one tutoring through full cultural immersion in Granada, Nicaragua, Central America at Spanish Dale! Language School.

We encourage you to get in touch with us and tell us your plans so we can help you organize your trip and choose the best Spanish program for you.

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